Frequently Asked Questions About SAVASOCKET Mobile™

1 - I'm having problem getting the Savasocket Mobile to recharge my Mobile?

We have a simple procedure that will solve the problem. Sometimes a Savasocket Mobile will not recognise the recharging requirements of a Mobile phone charger here is the solution. Please follow these steps: Please check manufacturers power usage before connecting as this product is suitable for use with items using 1 amp or less.
Step 1: Plug your charger into the SavaSocket Mobile and connect to the power supply. Do not connect the power lead to the item you are about to charge at this stage. Press the button on the Savasocket and hold for 3 seconds. The small red light on the Savasocket Mobile will flash quickly for up to a minute to indicate it is in the set up mode. Once the light starts to flash slowly you can connect the power cable to the item to be charged. It may take 10 minutes or more before the phone commences charging.
Step 2: When your item is fully charged the SavaSocket Mobile will switch off the power supply to the charger and the red light will go out indicating the charging process is complete and your item is fully charged. Sometimes the Savasocket does not cut out as soon as the phone is showing 100% fully charged, do not be concerned as it is only using two mille-amps. If you change your chargers or want to charge a different phone you will need to match the charger to the Savasocket Mobile again by repeating the set up procedure see Step1.


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