Frequently Asked Questions About SAVASOCKETs

1 - How long does it take to programme?

About 30 seconds and then you can connect all the required items.

2 - Do I need a special remote control to use a Savasocket?

No. You can use any home infra red remote to programme a Savasocket

3 - I'm having problems getting the Savasocket to learn my home TV remote control button?

When programming the Savasocket make sure you are away from bright down lights and away from direct sunlight as they can emit infra red signals that may confuse the programming.

4 - How far away can I be away for my remote controller and the Savasocket to work?

This depends on the model and how good the batteries are but 10m is easily achievable

5 - Can I add an extension lead to one of the four sockets controlled by my remote, so I can connect my audio system?

Yes, You can add an extension lead to give you more sockets

6 - Can I connect my audio system to a Savasocket?

Yes. You can save a lot of money by turning off an audio system.

7 - Can Savasocket be used to connect my children's games console (they never turn it off)?

Yes. The more items you connect that can be left on standby, the more money you will save

8 - Does a Savasocket use much energy in standby.

No unlike some other products in the market, Savasocket saves far more energy than it uses. The Energy Savings Trust limit is 1 watt to comply with their recommended standards; Savasocket only uses 0.19 of a watt probably the lowest amount that can be achieved.

9 - What is Standby?

Most TV's, videos, DVD/Blue ray, Freeview boxes, Audio systems have standby. It is the power consumption when the device is not actually working but instantly available to do so usually shown with a light on the front.

10 - When I turn off my connected appliances does a Savasocket perform a soft shut down to save wear and tear?

Yes. Savasocket has a soft shut down feature built-in to extend the life of all connected items.

11 - I've heard that leaving electrical appliances such as TVs, CD players, monitors etc on standby uses very little energy and means the warm up time is reduced - is this true?

No. In general appliances such as TVs and CD players use more electricity in standby mode than their owners realise. A TV's standby generally uses 3-7W compared with around 14W when switched on, but over the course of the year this can really add up. The average house can save £37* a year by turning things off rather than leaving them on standby. Most modern appliances do not need a warm up time; the exception to this is 'complex' digital set-top boxes which need to be left in standby to keep their settings. Nearly all other appliances can be turned off fully with no problems. *Source: Energy Saving Trust

12 - Can I use one of the sockets for my mobile phone, I always forgetting to take the charger out of the wall and I know it uses electricity as the charger is always warm?

Yes. You can use it for mobile and laptop chargers so when you go to bed it will stop charging. Please remember we have a special Savasocket Mobile For this purpose as well see and click on Savasocket Mobile


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