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The most efficient standby saver available - saves you money.

You can cut wasted standby power switching off TVs and connected appliances at the power source (and back on again) with your remote control. The market-leading Multi-Socket 6 is the most efficient energy-saving multi-plug ad aptor/power strip available on the planet, using only 0.19 watts. The Energy Savings Trust recommends electrical appliances use no more than 0.5 watt in standby mode - Multi-Socket 6 smashes that target down to 0.19 watt - market leading technology.


Buy one today and save £85* or more off your electricity bill. Priced at £25 its a 'no-brainer' as they say. No other standby saver on the planet is this efficient.

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Saving 'Standby' is the easiest way to save money.

The Multi-Socket 6 is the easiest way for you to save energy, electricity, CO2 and extend the life of your products in the home or office. The wasted standby-electricity it saves in its first year pays for itself twice over and that makes great sense - SAVASOCKET saves your pocket! (Supplied with a 3 year warrantee) This Standby Saver extends the life of your products because they are not plugged in 24 hours a day, every day of the year glowing LEDs and circuit boards until they burn out. That's your good products lasting longer - not in skips and landfill sites.


Simply controlled by the infrared remote control you already own

Four of the sockets are turned on and off with your remote control, the other two sockets are available for equipment that has to be always left on such as recorder, Freeview or Sky+ box for instance. This energy-saving six-way mains adaptor comes with surge protection for all appliances connected.



  • SAVASOCKET is an Energy Savings Trust recommended product.
  • Save money - pays for itself in far less than year.
  • Very simple to programme (30 seconds) and learns any infrared remote control.
  • The infrared eye comes with 2m cable so the SAVASOCKET can be hidden behind the TV etc out of sight.
  • Soft shutdown to extend the life of all connected appliances.
  • Surge protection is built into the unit to stop spikes blowing up any connected items.
  • Reduce CO2 footprint - the average TV combination produces 153kg of carbon dioxide per annum.

*Source: Energy Saving Trust (26 June 2012) Groundbreaking study reveals hidden costs of powering our homes 

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These velcro tie wraps are a convenient way to tidy up your cables:
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