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A standby saver for mobile phones, mp3 players, cameras and battery chargers

Did you know that once your device has fully charged, the charger is still draining your electricity? Now the only thing its charging is your electricity bill!
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22 hours of wasted electricity a day, saved!

Its convenient just to leave the chargers plugged in, and top-up the battery overnight ready for the morning. Most of us do leave chargers in the wall socket just to charge a mobile phone overnight. A typical mobile phone actually only needs an hour or so to charge the battery, so a good 22 hours of electricity or more is all to waste, but costing you money.

Its often not even a standby ‘vampire draw’ – it could be using 75% of the energy it normally takes to charge when something is attached. That’s why they feel warm or hot to touch – that’s pure wasted electricity!

Extend battery life and performance

This unnecessary over-charging is also reducing the life and performance of the battery, and that's more cost to charge it more often and when you have to replace it – increased landfill. Think of all those rechargeable batteries that just don't last anymore even after a full overnight charge, well now you can dramatically extend the life of these products.

Mobile™ is the most obvious and simple way to save electricity, money and your battery life, ever invented.

Mobile™ can only be used on items that use 1 amp or less
These velcro tie wraps are a convenient way to tidy up your cables:
Savasocket Velcro Tie Wraps
These velcro tie wraps are a convenient way to tidy up your cables:
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