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The Eco-Eye Mini Energy Monitor is an ingenious product that will pay for itself in no time at all, simply by making you aware of how much energy you are using in your home.

Eco-Eye Mini Energy Monitor™ £39.98
(inc VAT & free delivery)

This handy little energy gadget is easy to install and will encourage you to change your habits, and save money, as it displays the amount of amount of electricity you are using, the cost per hour and the amount of CO2 used.

By being aware of just how much energy you are consuming, it is estimated that you will save between 5 and 15% on your household electricity bill.

How it Works

The current sensor simply clips around the outgoing electricity meter’s live feed. Power consumption is then recorded and transmitted wirelessly to the display unit. The display unit can be positioned in any prominent place in your home.

You’re now ready to monitor and start saving!

Before you purchase make sure you have access to your electricity meter and it is no more than 30 meters from the display’s location.

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