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ShowerHead XL

Shower Sensation

It feels just like a normal shower but uses between 40% - 60% less water than a normal shower and feels better. The Pulse Eco ShowerHead forces the water into the ShowerHead to pulse under pressure rather than flow constantly. This is so quick, you may not be able to tell the difference from a regular shower head but the sensation with Pulse Eco is a stronger shower.

Pulse Eco™ ShowerHead XL £29.95 (inc free uk delivery)

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Water usage efficiency

Using water effectively is key to sustainability and the Pulse Eco ShowerHeads are a breakthrough in water efficiency with a unique technique. The water flow is interrupted 30-40 times per second to uphold the pressure and comfort sensation, so rapidly that the body does not detect any pulsating. More importantly, it maintains constant temperature throughout the showering experience with non-aerated, well-sized water droplets. Aerated systems feel colder thus requiring more energy for heat.

Shower Technology

Turbine vane innovation drives water in burst releases, harnessing the physical properties of water drops like no other and delivering an optimal balance of water consumption with shower performance – a technique unique to Pulse Eco ShowerHeads. The non-aerated system is very important for hygiene and it allows for strong pressure without a stinging sensation.

Easy install

The ShowerHead XL fits directly on to all standard shower hoses, just screw it on by hand. No specialist equipment required, simply unscrew the old shower head handle and screw on the ShowerHead XL.


Without a sieve plate found in most shower heads, there is no place for bacterial culture to establish, as it needs a suitable surface to anchor, not found in Pulse Eco Shower heads.

Limescale - a lifetime guarantee!

In hard water areas, which half of the UK has, limescale on the shower head is a constant pest and pain to clean, also causing corrosion. Limescale contains nutrients such as calcium, manganese and iron, which settle on certain areas of a Shower head when the water-cools, mainly at the face. These layers of deposited materials are termed as bio film, which remain behind when the water evaporates. This is reduced with Pulse Eco ShowerHeads, which do not have sieve plates.


ShowerHead XL

Suitable for all showers including electric systems, the ShowerHead XL will provide a great shower experience whilst using the minimum amount of water and energy.

Pulse Eco™£29.95
(inc. free delivery)


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  • Kevin from Bexley: I bought the PulseEco Showerhead for a couple of reasons.Firstly, we have hard water and found that with the build up of lime scale this may have been causing some skin irritations. Hence looking for a shower head that would reduce or eliminate the build up of lime scale. Secondly, now with 2 grown-up children taking regular showers, a way of reducing the heating cost without compromising on the quality of the shower. We have a combination boiler. This shower head seems to tick both boxes. It definitely has reduced the water consumption considerably whilst still maintaining a good standard of water flow. As for the lime scale it's too early to tell at the moment but it has a lifetime guarantee. Everyone in the family is happy with it's performance.
  • Gary from Liverpool: The reason I looked for the product was even though we have reasonable water pressure the shower we had didn't feel very powerful ( I travel and stay in hotels regularly and it seems everywhere you go now has what seems like 10 bar water pressure) It certainly lives up to expectations . I'm not sure how much more powerful it is but on a couple of the settings it certainly is and if this makes sense on the other two if it isn't stronger then it gives a feeling of being stronger. I think that has something to do with the noise it produces but overall I found it excellent and good value for money.