25th June 2007

Winner of Yorkshire Forward's Centres of Industrial Collaboration (CIC) award.

James Dunne Accepts The Yorkshire Forward CIC Award 2007

SAVASOCKET, a new energy-saving 6-way mains adapter for electrical appliances has won an award even before its launch.

The patented pending device is the brainchild of Yorkshire businessman James Dunne, managing director of Leeds-based Energy Saving International, and won an environmental innovation award from Yorkshire Forward’s Centres of Industrial Collaboration (CIC).

The CIC comprises 14 institutes and the prestigious trophy was presented in January 2006 at the first annual awards dinner in Leeds, attended by 150 leaders of innovation and industry.

SAVASOCKET puts an end to appliances wasting energy in stand-by mode through its remote-controlled six gang mains extension panel. The innovative product with in-built surge protection controls power to plugged in appliances, thus cutting down on wasted electricity, reducing unnecessary CO² emissions, and saving money.

The Energy Saving Trust believes the average household with typical TV, VCR and DVD appliances could save £25 per annum through switching off stand-by appliances. Estimated savings through using SAVASOCKET are put at more than £40, but its ability to help the environment makes it all the more attractive. According to The Independent’s political correspondent, each year one million tons of damaging greenhouse gas is pumped into the atmosphere- by appliances left on stand-by in British homes alone.

In addition to its obvious appeal to responsible domestic consumers in the home theatre and TV market, SAVASOCKET will benefit all businesses with PC workstations keen to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy bills.

The prototype of SAVASOCKET, designed to Mr Dunne’s brief by Daletech, was delivered in half a day in collaboration with Engineering Design CIC. Following its award for innovation, SAVASOCKET has attracted the attention of retailers, distributors and trade organisations keen to promote leadership in environmental responsibility, and online wholesalers. The public sector and the Government have also expressed interest in the cost-effective, energy-saving device.

Full scale production of SAVASOCKET for the mass market is expected to begin once packaging and pricing research has been completed. For further details, please contact Energy Saving International Limited using the details here.