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Supplement featured in The Guardian on 23 September regarding Energy Saving Solutions - supported by SAVASOCKET.

Energy Saving International does a smart mains multi-socket that allows several mains loads to be turned off at once. For this it gets 8 out of 10!

Over the years we have reviewed a large number of standby savers - devices designed to cut the power to devices in standby to save energy and money. In this article we will review the Savasocket 6 Gang standby saver.

Ten out of ten to Leeds-based Energy Saving International for its gadget that cuts the power consumption of mobile phone chargers to 20mW once the phone is charged.

A British company, SAVASOCKET, arrived in Australia last week and brought with it an innovative way of saving electricity by using your TV remote to switch off not only the TV, but the power at the source.

ENERGY Saving International (ESI), the Leeds-based energy saving appliance firm, is planning to launch its products overseas following

Energy Saving International Ltd, the company behind the award-winning energy saving product, SAVASOCKET, has become the six-hundredth member of Electronics Yorkshire, the organisation which supports and promotes growth of the electronics industry.......

Let your TV do its bit for the environment by plugging it into a SAVASOCKET.