The Savasocket

Standby Power

It is estimated that £250 million of energy is wasted each year by appliances in stand-by mode – that's 2 power stations a year constantly running to power the 'Stand-by Need'. Any reduction in this area will have significant implications on carbon emissions and the environment.

“It is thought that most household equipment is left on stand-by for an average of 17.5 hours a day, and that amounts to a lot of wasted energy.” Energy Saving Trust.

The SAVASOCKET could help to save the 800,000 tonnes of carbon emitted by appliances being left on stand-by.

The growing popularity of technology such as DAB radios, set top boxes, laptops, LCD and plasma TVs means that the annual UK spend on consumer electronics and home IT equipment has soared to over £12 billion, making UK consumers the biggest spenders in Europe! While the average UK household spends £500 a year on 'ICE age' products, one in 10 UK householders spends between £1,000 and £10,000 a year on these kinds of goods.

According to current predictions, by 2020 products contained in the average home could be racking up running costs of over £4 billion a year. When the unintentional misuse of these ‘ICE Age offenders’ – left on or on stand-by or when not in use – is combined with the impact of this equipment in use, the environmental and financial costs escalate further:

  Standby costs (£)
by 2020
Televisions (£)71 million
Set top boxes (£)299 million
Video players/recorders (£)188 million
Computers (£)37 million
Computer monitors (£)12 million
TOTAL (£)607 million